About Andy Heathershaw

Answers to the questions you were too afraid to ask!

I’m a seasoned, passionate software developer from the heart of England and, if you’re reading this, you want to know more about me (that’s me in the image above – on the left.)  This page is therefore dedicated to me – Andy Heathershaw – and is broken down into smaller sections detailing different parts of my life.

Note to recruiters: I appreciate all the contacts I get from recruiters, however I would ask you to please respect that I am not currently on the job market. By all means, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and I will update my network as and when I become available.

Software Development

I’ve been working with the Microsoft .NET framework in commercial environments since it was released as version 1.0 in 2002, and every version since. I work with the full stack of Microsoft technology: Visual Studio, SQL Server, Team Foundation Server, Windows Server and IIS, and have experience of development across the 3 main computing platforms: desktop, web and mobile.

I’m a certified Microsoft Technical Specialist (MCTS) in .NET applications for Windows (WinForms and WPF) and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP.)

I understand that Microsoft .NET is not always the answer to every problem, so I am also experienced with the full open-source stack of technologies: PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache. The very page you’re reading was served from a WordPress content management system running off a LAMP stack.

James Heathershaw

James (the other person in the photo at the top of this page) is most definitely my better half – he keeps my feet on the ground and helps me stay sane in a fast-changing, sometimes stressful world!

I met James in 2007 shortly after a disastrous Eurovision party at a friend’s house. We hit it off and became friends pretty quickly, but it wasn’t until 3 years later that we purchased our first house and moved in together.

In August 2012, we married (well, “entered into a civil partnership” but basically the same thing) at the beautiful Morley Hayes Hotel and Golf Club, in Derbyshire (I highly recommend it, for both hotel and restaurant facilities.)

For our honeymoon I allowed James to take me to Walt Disney World in Florida for the first time – and absolutely loved it. We’ve been back twice since then, and it’s my favourite place in the world.


When we moved to our new house in Tamworth in 2014, we weren’t alone. We brought along an 8-week old Labrador puppy who we called Mickey (after our love of all things Disney – it was either Mickey, Pluto or Goofy!)

Over the last 18 months we’ve learnt to adapt our lives around this little guy and have trained him to be a (somewhat) obedient dog, although he’s still extremely playful and excitable – in his mind, he’s still a young puppy and he doesn’t understand that he has a large body to go with it!

He’s taught us to love taking long walks in the countryside and to explore our local area, and our lives just wouldn’t be the same without him.